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The Importance of Sealing Concrete Patio - Pathways - Driveways

Higher performance sealer products

Talking in more general terms, selecting a sealer to use on a concrete floors, paths and driveways is a balance of aesthetics and performance.

Applying concrete sealer swimming pool surounds
Applying concrete sealer by roller
Applying concrete sealer by spraying


You will pay a little extra for higher performance sealer product, however one needs to keep in mind that choosing the right sealer and applying it correctly will defiantly extend the life of the concrete, not to mention it will look better for many years into the future.

The following is a brief overview of important information that relates to sealing concrete.

When concrete is laid in the proper professional manner and allowed to set naturally it should form a quality platform to drive or walk on. Thus it does not have to be sealed to perform as it normally would.

However there are many additional benefits that come into play when a high-quality sealer is applied to concrete arears. So spending a few extra dollars is recommended and the over all costs will come into play as the life of the concrete areas are extended, generating an overall saving.

There are a number of good reasons to apply concrete sealer

Sealing concrete PATHWAYS, PATIOS and or DRIVEWAYS not only assists in extending service life. Applying a good quality concrete sealer will improve the appearance of the concrete and even more so with decorative concrete by enhancing the colour and the brightness and gloss.

Applying sealer to concrete pathways, patios and or driveways is not that hard and in most cases even a full length residential driveway can be completely sealed in a day or less.

A handy do-it-yourselfer (DIY) with a little guidance could apply concrete sealer on a typical residential driveway without any special skills or going to the expensive of hiring equipment. If in doubt hire a qualified installer from Allsett Concrete Solutions and get the job done professionally.

Applying Concrete Sealers

There are a number of ways to apply a protective sealer to concrete surfaces areas the two most common are by using a wide roller or spraying the surface using a spray gun. Most of the manufacturer's display recommended application guidelines on the product labels be sure to read them before making a start. As a guide, solvent-based sealers are best spray applied while water-based sealers are best applied by roller.

Regardless to weather a rolling device or sprayer is used to apply the sealer it is best to strive for maximum coverage. Apply two even thin coats, making sure the sealer applying method spreads the sealer evenly across the concrete surface avoiding puddling or forming uneven, thick areas. Keeping in mind different surfaces and FINISHES like EXPOSED AGGREAGTE - STENCILLED or STAMPED concrete can have move even or uneven surfaces.

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