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Glamour Patios and Walkways

Concrete is much more easy to maintain and it is able withstand the severest weather conditions. It can be brushed, air broomed, or washed with tap water and it will not warp or rot, it will not require weed spraying like paving stones or bricks.

Taking advantage of upgrading a backyard or installing outdoor area with a decorative concrete surface material is an asset that family and friends will be able to enjoy for many, many years, while at the same time improve, add value and enhance the appearance of the property.

Concrete Artistry Patios
Concrete Artistry Patios
Concrete Artistry Patios


Concrete Patio Floors

Some say they like the look of wooded deck patios, others prefer a paved look, some people like pebbles, natural stone or old bricks as a ground cover for their patio floor.

Notwithstanding the competition from other materials, concrete is rapidly taking the Australian patios by storm. More and more people are realising that the days of the old looking grey concrete have past and a new generation of concrete for flooring has emerged. Using concrete for patio flooring is the most popular patio material in the country.

Why! Today with concrete there are many, many more decorative options offered than ever before.

Compare the Patterns, Finishes and Colours Available for Artistic Concreting Projects

Home owners these days are looking for that special something in outdoor surface materials, surfaces that have that special edge and offer the ultimate in design versatility, durability and are low maintenance. Keeping in mind that concrete is able to mimic other popular paving materials, it can be stamped, stencilled even engraved into patterns like tiles or brick, flagstone, slate and others. Allsett Concrete Solutions can help can create that beautiful patio or entertainment area or deck. We can even make the concrete look like a TIMBER FLOOR

In addition to adding beauty, a low maintenance concrete patio concrete floor surface services as a gathering precinct for family, not to mention a lounging and entertaining area. An outdoor patio area allows homeowners a seamlessly blend interior and exterior living spaces.

On the investment side, concrete surface materials for patios normally are much more cost effective than patios made of other materials like brick, pavers or stone since they are much more labour-intensive to set up and install.

The benefits of the lower cost, together with the extensive array of styles, patterns and colours available make concrete a more inexpensive choice and can be adjusted to fit with just about any budget. One of the very best benefits is concrete can be easily formed into just about any shape accommodating any area restrictions.

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