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Keep Concrete Clean Tips and Tricks

Concrete is a very durable product and is designed to withstand the test of time. However it still requires some maintenance to keep newly laid, and older concrete looking great.

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Importantly, while concrete maintenance can be carried out by a professional and in many cases a phone call to us at Allsett Concrete Solutions can get the job done quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. However Concrete maintenance it is very simple process and can be completed by the owner, by following a few very easy tasks.

It is recommended for all coloured and decorative concrete that it is to be pressure washed and resealed every 12 months to keep it looking fresh. But in some cases, due to falling leaves creating stains, areas of shade where mould maybe created and scale build up needs to be removed then the cleaning job may need to be done more often. In regard to RESEALING, this is a job that you can also do yourself, but it is advisable that you use a concrete specialist who understands what is required to complete the resealing in the correct manner, guarantying the work and covers it by warranty.

The equipment required for a simple clean and reseal include;

Pressure Washer

This does not need to be an industrial grade pressure washer a small house hold pressure washer will do the trick. If you do not have one they can be hired very cheaply at any local hire shop.


The sealer required for your reseal will depend on the type of decorative concrete you have had installed; for all stencilled and stamped concrete just a standard clear penetrative sealer will do the job. Should you have an exposed concrete finish you will require a sealer called Agriseal which is basically the same thing but designed for exposed? For coloured concrete you have a choice of clear or a coloured sealer. The coloured sealer is designed to match the colour of the concrete installed and will cover any blemishes you may have and bringing the look of the concrete back to the day it was first poured. Learn More Concrete Sealers

Paint Roller

Just a simple paint roller with a long handle will do the job, but be sure you get a masonry grade roller to ensure that the sealer gets in all the tight spots.

Stain Remover,

Most concreting shops such as concrete colour solutions stock a wide range of stain removers to remove the most stubborn stains but be sure to read the directions of use. Using stain removers incorrectly can create a situation where you have clean spots showing also some of them can be harmful to the skin.

And with those four simple things you can get you concrete looking like the day it was first done and looking great for a long time to come.

In many cases older Concrete can be made look new again with a good clean or an update might be considered using a patterned overlay with a colour added.

Should you decide to use a professional - Please call 0402 757 091 and we will be at your door quicker than you think.

"Happy Cleaning and Sealing"

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